UAE rejects Mursi’s request to free Egyptian cell ‘leaders’

The UAE has rejected a formal Egyptian request to release 11 Egyptians arrested recently in the UAE over links with the Muslim Brotherhood group, Gulf News has learnt. An Egyptian delegation led by Essam Al Haddad, a senior adviser to Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi, visited the UAE on Wednesday and met with senior officials to […]

Dialogue in Lebanon is not dead, minister

Lebanese Environment Minister Nazem al-Khoury said that the cancellation of the national dialogue session that was scheduled for January 7 does not mean that dialogue in Lebanon is dead. “The decision made by President Michel Suleiman to cancel the dialogue session does not at all mean the end of dialogue,” Khoury told Al-Manar television on […]

Okaz: Syrian Interior minster died from his wounds

Syria’s interior minister who was wounded in a Damascus bombing has died of his wounds and was replaced by General Rustom Ghazali , a Free Syrian Army ( FSA) source told the Saudi Arabian newspaper Okaz. Lebanon media reported last December 26 that Shaar headed home on a private jet after treatment in Beirut

Oil may be behind renewed tension over the Falklands

More than 30 years after Argentina’s unsuccessful invasion of the Falkland Islands, a fresh war of words has broken out over the sovereignty of the British territory, a rocky archipelago about 8,000 miles from London but harboring outsize importance to both countries. The latest bout of controversy erupted after Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner