Syrian newspaper editor fired over Al Jazeera interview


The editor of Syrian government owned newspaper Tishreen confirmed on Saturday she had been fired over remarks to Al-Jazeera television criticizing security forces for shooting with live ammunition on anti-regime protesters.

Samira al-Musalima told AFP she had been replaced by the paper’s business editor, Munir al-Wadi.

On Friday, Musalima told the Qatar-based channel that there had been a “violation of the rules barring the forces of order from firing on protesters,” and that anyone who had done so “should be punished.”

Musalima is originally from the southern agricultural city of Daraa, which has been the focal point of more than three weeks of protests.

At least 37 people were killed on Friday when security forces opened fire on demonstrators with live ammunition, and the majority of deaths were in Daraa.

Earlier this week, Musalima was also in the news when she announced that she was organizing talks with key opposition figures so they could air their demands for political reforms. Now Lebanon